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"Having a copy of PC Certify / PC Diag around is akin to having a little X-ray machine on a floppy disk." - LOGAN DECKER Maximum PC Magazine!

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Professional PC Diagnostic Tool Kit

PC Certify/PC Diag Pro Kit®

Sale Price($179.95) Available on CD, USB Drive or by Download. MSRP:$389.95

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Professional PC Diagnostics

PC Certify/PC Diag
Professional Suite ®

Sale Price($99.95) Available on CD, USB Drive or by Download. MSRP:$249.95




PC Burn-In Software

PC Certify/PC Diag
Burn-In Suite ®

  MSRP: $189.95   

Sale Price: $79.95  











PC Diagnostics for the Home User. Fully Automated Easy to Use and Instructional
PC Certify/PC Diag

Sale Price($24.95) Available on CD, USB Drive or by Download. MSRP:$49.95




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