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USB Drive Designed to Detect, Analyze and Report on the NIC cards installed in your PC
PC Diag Burn-In/Computer Burn In Suite Test Software ®

(For PC Manufacturers, PC Refurbishers and Computer Hardware Vendors)

Available by download or Physical Shipment.

Physical shipment Includes your choice of one CD and USB Flash Drive with Selfbooting Burn-In DOS, DOS USB Test & Burn-In Windows programs.

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PC Diag Burn-In Software Suite (Burn-In Version)

Award Winning PC Diagnostics Software tools, used to diagnose problems on a PC running in Windows or a DOS environment. Our Burn In PC Hardware Diagnostic Software allows its user to maintain quality service and support during the four phases of a PC's lifecycle.

Best of all, this PC diagnostics software will enable the end-user to select and run programs quickly and effortlessly by simply selecting whether to run the program in Windows, DOS, or both. Each mode will allow the user to immediately identify, single out, analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot hardware and software faulty areas right down to the lowest hardware level.

The Burn-In version of our PC Diagnostics Software has the added ability to perform hundreds of extensive test routines which can better assist in detecting problematic PC hardware failures. By including our diagnostics in your tool-kit, the professional technician can be assured that both valuable time and money will be saved.

The features of the Burn-In version include a detailed reporting of the computer's components and operating system. In addition to extensive information about the computer's processor, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound cards, keyboard, mouse, serial ports, USB, PCI, system board devices, and more.

Additional features for our Burn-In PC Diagnostics Software include the ability to select and execute extensive tests for your processor, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drive, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound cards, keyboard, mouse, serial port, and USB. Our Professional PC Diagnostics has the added ability to run a set of tests individually or all at once, and then create a report from the results. This report could be saved for future reference, printed or e-mailed to a help desk operation orother technicians for further analysis.

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PC Diag Burn-In PC Diagnostics Software A Closer Look

  • System Requirements & Platforms (Windows & DOS Mode)
  • Features and Benefits (Windows Mode)
  • Features and Benefits (DOS Mode)
  • Additional Test Features (Windows Mode)
  • Additional Test features (DOS Mode)
  • Advanced Testing (Windows Mode)
  • Advanced Testing (DOS Mode)
  • USB Test ( DOS)
  • NIC Testing ( Windows)

System Requirements & Platforms

The Diagnostic Software Pro Windows mode is compatible with the following systems Windows 2000, 2000 Pro, XP, Windows 2003 and Vista. It is recommended to have at least 20MB free space on your hard drive and 64MB of memory.

In DOS mode it runs on all standard PC-type systems regardless of hardware configuration, from the oldest systems based on processors like Intel 386/486 to the latest ones like Intel Dual Core Duo and AMD Opteron/Athlon FX2. No matter what operating system is installed on your PC (Windows, Linux, DOS), simply boot up from our specially configured floppy drive's, CDROMS or USB drives, and run complex tests on your hardware.

PCD Network Booting as PXE Server: PXE Boot in Linux PXE Boot in Windows

PC Certify/PC-Diag Burn-In/Benchmark Test DOS Description

  • Basic Configuration Report
  • Rugged System Diagnostic Tests
  • Exacting System Benchmark Tests
  • Basic Utilities
  • Robust Context-Sensitive Help
  • Lifetime Free Technical Support
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Easy to Use Menu System
  • Self-Booting DOS
  • Saves Time & Money

The Ideal Factory PC Burn-In/Benchmark Testing Stress Test Program – PC Certify/PC-Diag Burn-In is a suite of PC test and reporting functions in one self-booting software package intended for PC builders and assembly technicians. Based on a suite of proprietary, high level tests and utilities developed originally for Intel, PC Certify/PC-Diag contains technology that has withstood picky field-testing since 1981. It has been massively enhanced over the years to stay abreast of advancing technology. It contains PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award-Winning InfoSpotter Discovery Engine technology. PC Certify/PC-Diag has helped thousands upon thousands of discriminating PC technicians save time and money troubleshooting system problems and stress-testing systems before delivering them to customers. Check out these professional features:

  1. Complete Computer Diagnostics (single-test and batch mode) for PC Manufacturers and assembly technicians – Excellent for factory stress-testing before shipping computers to customer
  2. Provides Basic System Configuration information identifies installed hardware. Excellent for Repair and Warranty Records. Fabulous for proving what is inside the system without having to remove the cover
  3. Test all major standard IBM-compatible PC/AT components: CPU (including multiple CPUs), Motherboard, Memory, Disk Drives, CD ROM Drives, Sound, Video, Serial/Parallel/USB Ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick. Tests are grouped by device. You may run them in multiple passes or for specific time periods and log summary or full results to printer or file. Excellent for field engineers, bench technicians, and factory burn-in testing. Proven diagnostics give you confidence your system is functioning properly.
  4. Basic Benchmark Tests of CPU, Math, Video, Hard Drive, and CD ROM, runs in continuous loops to show you how the system is performing, and allow you to detect performance bottlenecks in the system.
  5. Utilities let you verify hard drive formatting and basic integrity, and exercise remote or local serial devices.
  6. Comprehensive Context-Sensitive Help, Coaches, Repair Tips, and manual built-in to help you find what you need to know when you need it by pressing one or two keys. Keeps you oriented, effective without searching for a manual.
  7. Provides solid reliability to reduce warranty costs by burning in (stress-testing) systems so they fail in the factory, not at the customer location.

    Easy To Use and Instructional - PC Certify/PC Diag operates intuitively from user-friendly menus, context-sensitive help, and mouse or keyboard control. PC Certify/PC Diag Burn-In/Benchmark test provides the following major operations:
  • User Interface
    • Menu-driven – hot keys, cursor keys, or mouse clicks select items, ESC key goes to previous item
    • User-configurable screen colors
    • Context-sensitive help system
    • Setup program allows user to make backup copies
    • Scans its own files for viruses to give user peace of mind
  • Configuration
    • Supports ISA, EISA, MCA, PCMCIA, PCI, AGP buses
    • Shows basic hardware configuration screen of installed devices
    • Displays physical and logical FAT-formatted drive information
    • Displays hard drive manufacturer, model, serial #
    • Saves and restores entire CMOS RAM contents
    • Saves and restores Master Boot Record (MBR)
    • Saves and restores Logical Drive Boot Records (LBR)
    • Displays Hard Drive contents by Head, Cylinder, Sector, or LBA Sector
    • Edits common CMOS RAM area
    • Detects Pentium Floating Divide and other design flaws
  • Diagnostics
    • Contains dozens of menu items that run thousands of tests
    • Tests all IBM-PC/AT standard components
    • Tests are organized in groups:
      • System (motherboard and single/multiple CPUs)
      • Memory (main, cache, video)
      • Video (display adapter and monitor)
      • Fixed Disk (including non-destructive write tests)
      • Floppy Disk
      • Compact Disk (CD)
      • Serial Controllers (including Modem)
      • Parallel Controllers (including Printers)
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse
      • Joystick
      • Sound Card and Speaker (Sound Blaster Compatible)
      • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port Circuitry
    • Allows user to select which tests to run within a group
    • Runs selected tests individually within group or in burn-in batch mode
    • Once set up and initiated, tests run unattended, and can even return to DOS when finished.
    • Allows user to save batch test settings in file and specify which batch file to use from command line.
    • All tests run in sequence for number of passes, amount of time per test, or amount of time for entire batch or group of tests.
    • Allows many user-configurable Test Settings items such as
      • Which devices to test
      • Range of memory to test
      • Serial Port Baud Rates to use
      • Where to log results and what to put in log
      • Whether to exit from the program after finishing tests
      • Amount of time (up to 99:99:99 hours) or number of passes to run tests
      • Plus much more.
    • If tests fail, the message is displayed on the monitor, allowing factory technicians to be alerted to failures from across the room.
  • Benchmarks
    • Shows performance or raw speed.
    • Tests CPU, math, video, hard drive, CD ROM drive
    • Runs through all tests in continuous passes
  • Results Log
    • Logs results to disk or printer
    • Allows user to print or save to file the contents of any screen.
    • Logs detailed test results or just a test summary to printer or file
  • Utilities
    • Edits configuration files (CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, etc.)
    • Terminal test exercises attached modems and other serial devices
    • Checks file system integrity (FAT structures only)
    • Scans hard drive for allocation errors
  • Context-sensitive Help System
    • Press F1 at any time to get help that tells what the currently selected item does
    • Alt-F1 at any time to get a coach that tells how to use the currently selected item
    • Ctrl-F1 on any test item to display a tip that explains how to repair an associated failure.
    • F1 when one of the above is displayed causes the index or help, coaches, or tips to be displayed.
    • User may search forward and backward for any text in the help system.
    • Includes over 500 printed pages of information.
    • User may print displayed help information.
    • Complete manual built in.
    Batch Mode Testing - PC Certify/PC Diag Burn-In Pro allows you to test the computer by test groups Test groups include Motherboard, Memory, Video, Fixed Disk, CD, Floppy Disk, Video, Serial, Parallel, USB, Mouse, Joystick, and Keyboard.

You may run any group or individually selected tests in a group in single or multiple passes for either an amount of time per test, amount of time for the group, or number of passes for each test. Test time can be up to 100 hours (four days plus four hours).

You may also select Batch Mode testing and save the test parameters in a batch mode file Batch mode testing is also called "burn-in/ benchmark testing " because it runs continuously for a long time and heats up the circuitry. Batch mode tests can simulate a month of normal operation in just a few hours of intensive exercising.When creating a batch mode file, you can select any test in any group, select which devices are tested (e.g., which hard drives if you have multiple drives), select the amount of time or passes for the tests, elect to exit the program and return to the operating system when testing is done (so as to run other functions in AUTOEXEC.BAT, for example), and elect the destination of the test log (full log or just summary, to go to printer or file).

An important feature for systems builders who burn in/ benchmark test a lot of systems at once is the dynamic test result display. The software can be set to halt on a failure or run continuously. If a failure does not lock up the system, then the monitor, will display the error message. This will alert a technician across the room that a failure has occurred. Batch Mode testing is a very powerful way to burn-in test a system after repair or before shipping a new system to a customer, for it provokes any imminent "infant mortality" failures while in the shop, rather than in the customer's home or office, and it thereby reduces warranty costs for both the customer and PC technician or builder.

Full Logging of Configuration and Test Results - PC Certify/PC Diag provides thorough log features to record your test results and configuration information. Log to the printer directly, to a disk file of choice, or just to internal memory. Elect to log only the testing summary showing number of passes and number of failures for each test, or each iteration of each test in a batch mode burn-in/benchmark test sequence, plus the summary. Because you can log configuration information, you have a handy record to use to verify the customer's system if it is returned for service. See a sample annotated batch mode burn-in Test Log.

PC-Diag Burn-In/Benchmark Test Windows Description

 Features and Benefits in Windows Mode
* Advance batch testing capabilities. Create your own batch test files or use our predefined Full and Quick test.
* Need more tests? Run them in a loop and review the log file when tests completed.
* Rugged system diagnostic test.
* Simplified command line parameters.
* Accurate and detailed test logs.    Copy/paste/save/email test logs.
* Comprehensive report about your computer and    operating system.
* Customizable snapshot report.
* Similar Windows and DOS interface and hot keys will reduce training time up to 50%.


Advanced Testing in Windows Mode
* Processor
* Memory
* Hard Drives
* CD/DVD drives
* Floppy Drives
* Monitor
* Video Card
* Network Card
* Modem
* Sound cards
* Keyboard
* Mouse
* System Board Devices
* Serial Ports
* Parallel Ports
* An optional set of loop back plugs for performing "External" serial and parallel port testing are available for a minimal fee upon request.

PC-Diag DOS USB Test Description

USB Test Software designed to rigorously test, troubleshoot and diagnose all USB devices, ports and hubs. Displays detailed information about host controllers and attached devices and works with any USB device.

PC-Diag USB Test Software offers extensive testing for USB controllers in addition to a powerful discovery engine that provides very detailed information about host controllers and USB devices. The USB Software rigorously tests USB host controllers and USB functionality for all attached USB devices!

This unique USB Test Software eliminates the need for costly, restrictive, multiple loopback test plugs; virtually any USB device can be used for testing!

Just attach each USB device to one or multiple ports, then run the tests simultaneously and observe how quickly Port, Hub, and device respond to transactions, what the supported transaction types are, manufacturer information and more!

Features and Benefits in DOS Mode

  • Includes the most extensive USB test sets on the market.
  • DOS application, runs independent of your operating system
  • Works with virtually any USB device.
  • It is not just a host controller test, it is a device test also.
  • See the performance and "intelligence' of your USB devices.
  • Does does require costly mutiple USB test loopback plugs.
  • Works with UHCI, OHCI and EHCI controllers.
  • Simplified interface, no need to research a complex help file to perform a full system diagnostic. Any test is just two mouse clicks away!
  • Comprehensive report about your controllers, ports, and attached devices.

Network Diagnostic and NIC Testing Software Description

PC-Diag NIC Test was designed to detect and perform a network diagnostic on the cards installed in your computer. This simple to use, but professional network interface card test software will diagnose your system right down to low level information. The NIC Test provides its user with detailed reporting, network card information, traffic statistics and more!

A single NIC may be unable to meet particular high demands for bandwidth and cause abnormal delays or fail when overstressed. Running a network diagnostic stress and performance test will facilitate maximum network traffic capabilities.

  • Extensive and comprehensive tests set for network cards.
  • See detailed information about each network card, including low level information.
  • Windows application with an easy to use interface.
  • Does not require multiple or expensive loop back test plugs.
  • Simplified interface, no need to research complex help files to perform a full system diagnostics. Any test is just a few mouse clicks away!
  • Comprehensive report about your network cards settings and network traffic.

Why you should buy PC Certify/PC Diag Burn-In – We have many gratified and prestigious customers who rely on PC Certify day in and day out to help them test and troubleshoot computer problems. Because the Burn-In version is available under special volume licensing, manufacturers find it to be profoundly cost-effective way to prepare systems for delivery to customers.




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